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When clients ask me questions I know the answers to, it gives me purpose. When they ask questions I don’t know the answers to, it gives me progress. I’d like to think it works the same way for clients when I pose questions to them. When a client can’t respond to a business question with a ready answer, the question may plant a seed and encourage the client to articulate the organization’s goals and business issues in greater detail. From there, we can work together to formulate more comprehensive and effective strategies. It’s reassuring to clients that they can count on me to ask the right questions. It takes a real understanding of a growing business’s needs to advise the company in complex matters relating to corporate governance, securities offerings, acquisitions, and compliance, or to represent the company in a venture capital financing transaction. My practice is about investing in my clients, one question at a time.  

Professional Details:

  • Associate, Mintz Levin Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice

  • Mentor, Practicing Attorneys and Law Students


  • JD, Columbia University

  • BA, Harvard University


Fun Facts:
As you’ll see from their bios, most of my colleagues really enjoy sports. I’ve done both half-day and full-day Netflix marathons. I’m also from Baltimore so if you ever stop by our Boston office and are in need of Old Bay, I have a ready supply. 

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in business is...
Relationships are invaluable.

The new technology that will most impact the future 10 years from now is...
Definitely 3D printing.

Companies I’ve helped to grow and thrive:

  • Weild and Co.

  • GreatPoint Ventures

  • Resilient Ops