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What really excites me about working with young companies is the energy they bring to the table. Our start-up clients have all the enthusiasm and excitement I had when I co-founded my own early-stage venture capital firm (during Web 1.0) called Dawntreader Ventures. What we can add to a founder’s enthusiasm and passion are the experience and business acumen in this space that come from years of being involved at the crossroads of the Internet, capital formation, and information technology. Experience matters. Oh, and having a law degree certainly helps. Knowing the law and guiding entrepreneurs and growth companies from concept to exit is what we do best. Helping to build new companies in a collaborative fashion in partnership with our clients is what we are all about.   

Professional details:

  • Co-chair, Mintz Levin’s Start-Ups Practice

  • Chair, Mintz Levin’s Technology Practice

  • Co-founder, Dawntreader Ventures, an early-stage VC firm

  • Adjunct Professor, New York University Law School

  • Advisory Council, Public Policy Committee of the Angel Capital Association


  • JD, University of Pennsylvania

  • BA, University of Pennsylvania

Fun facts:
I love playing basketball and tennis, and spending time at my farm in the Hudson Valley with its wonderful organic garden.

If I weren’t a lawyer, I would be …
a high school basketball coach

What I tell my Students at NYU Law: Learning without thinking is useless; and thinking without learning is dangerous.
Common sense is not so common. — Voltaire

Android or iPhone? iPhone 8 and iPhone SE (all the time) and I sometimes also carry a third flip phone just in case …

Companies I’ve helped get off the ground:

  • Go To Meeting

  • SquareSpace

  • Wit Capital

  • Dawntreader Ventures

  • Visible World

  • iParty

  • LivePerson

  • Clearsky Power and Technology Fund

  • SharesPost 100

  • Alpha Venture Partners

  • Weild and Co.

  • Conduce


  • Citizen VC

  • Vida Ventures

  • ClearSky Security Fund

  • BetterPT

  • Gas It Up

  • Kinnos

  • T-Rex

  • Quip

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