Protect Your Idea

Company “Branding” and the Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration

By Susan Neuberger Weller

Selecting and protecting your “brand” should begin from the very moment a business is in the process of being formed, whether that business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or some other type of entity. It makes no difference whether the entity is a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, and the size of the entity is also irrelevant. Your “brand” is your public facing identity by which you will be known and through which your reputation will be developed. The goodwill you develop in your “brand” will be one of the most important and valuable assets you own.

Upcoming NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulations

By Cynthia Larose 

If you are one of the many businesses licensed by the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS), and cannot avail yourself of the (very) limited exemptions, you must be ready for the first compliance transition date for the stringent DFS cybersecurity regulations – August 28, 2017.

Top Ten Reasons Why U.S. Trademark Searches are Important to Every Business

By Susan Neuberger Weller

The importance of a comprehensive trademark search for a new company name and for a new trademark cannot be overstated. It is vital that companies at all stages stay mindful of the pitfalls in naming any new product or component:

When Can You Claim A Color As Your Trademark?

By Susan Neuberger Weller

The explosion of social media and changes in traditional advertising and marketing methods have changed the way products and services are recognized. Promoting non-traditional trademarks such as a color, or other unique source indicators such as sounds, scents, flavor, and product shapes, may provide a fresh method to attract and entice a wider audience.

FTC Takes Action Against Retail Tracking Start-Up Nomi Technologies

By Cynthia Larose and Peter Day

On April 23, 2015 the FTC settled deception charges against start-up Nomi Technologies, Inc. related to Nomi’s in-store, sensor-based, tracking technology.[1] This is the first FTC enforcement action against emerging retail store–based tracking technologies.